5 stores we loved that have disappeared from Quebec

When it’s time to shop, we all have our favorite addresses in mind. We know them and we know that we will usually find what we are looking for!

That’s why we’re always disappointed when a shop we like permanently closing its doors. Take a look at some stores for which this has been the case and which we already miss!


Sad news at the beginning of the year when we learned that this perfect store for our accessories and fashion jewelry was closing its doors.

This place where you could find everything at a good price disappeared from our shopping centers and the web and its unexpected closure surprised consumers… and employees!


This store that we loved has also closed all its stores in Canada, for its part in 2021, making us lose this go to fashion!

The independent boutiques and those set up in Hudson’s Bay stores are no more, but fortunately for the big fans: you can still find the brand on Asos!

The center of the razor

For its part, the address that we loved to visit for all our small appliance needs closed its doors in February.

The company was under bankruptcy protection and did not escape its creditors.

Bed Bath & Beyond

This chain left Quebec a few years ago (known as Déco Découvertes), but it is the country that it has now deserted: Bed Bath & Beyond and its decoration finds have bowed out in Canada.

It was the group’s financial difficulties that pushed them to make this difficult decision to avoid bankruptcy.

Foot Locker

And we end with a brand that is still well established, but which unfortunately plans to close 400 stores by 2026, Foot Locker.

It was on March 21 that we learned the sad news about the famous retailer who wants more precisely to apply a new strategy and speak to a younger audience.

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