Alexia Bürger wins the Jovette-Marchessault Prize

The award celebrates the essential contribution of this complete artist to the world of Quebec theatre.

Author, playwright and director, Alexia Bürger has established herself over the past twenty years as a major and influential figure in the Montreal theater scene.

Although she received her diploma from the Option-théâtre of Lionel-Groulx College in interpretation, it is as a director that she will first stand out. The importance of collaboration and dialogue between artists is one of the main pillars of his approach. The room All thingsimagined in April 2022 with Fanny Britt, and inspired by their rich relationship, magnificently testified to the place that friendship occupies in her way of envisaging creative work.

Son spectacle The Hardings (2018) will remain a highlight of his work. The play, for which she signed both the text and the staging, tackled vast questions, including that of collective and human responsibility, with the railway tragedy of Lac-Mégantic as its starting point.

In addition to theatre, Alexia Bürger has also offered her view, combining rigor and sensitivity, to circus works, literary events and musical performances.

The creator said in a press release that she received this recognition as “an invitation to remember, every day, and more particularly on days of discouragement, that I am carried by the strength of the directors who have come before me, those who are with me and those who are coming. »

Awarded by the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Jovette-Marchessault prize has for four editions now highlighted the contribution of women artists in the Montreal theater community and comes with a $20,000 grant. Mélanie Demers and Marie-Eve Huot were the other two finalists this year.

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