Cathy Gauthier “pulls the plug” on her tour

Organized girl if there is one, Cathy Gauthier is already preparing for the arrival of the fifties … in four years. Not only is she getting used to the figure, but she has also chosen to get back in shape by giving herself the total: training, boxing, healthy eating. This beautiful energy translates everywhere in his life and especially in the professional sphere since the comedian multiplies the projects, including the animation of a Gala ComediHa! with Silvi Tourigny in August.

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Cathy, you agreed to participate in the Great well-cooked ComediHa!; yours was broadcast on May 14 on TVA. Did you get roasted well?
I got roasted en masse! Solid other than that! Given my style of humour, my colleagues weren’t shy about going all out. They know they can tell me anything and they don’t need to put on white gloves: I’m not going to cry. It was really a great evening!

Which artists have accepted to participate?
Jean-François Mercier animated the evening and several artists were there: Jean-Thomas Jobin (the godfather of his daughter, Alice)Silvi Tourigny, Patrick Groulx, René Simard and Varda Etienne.

And what topics have you been teased about?
On several topics, including my dating, but also the fact that I’m a party girl…

You will also host the penultimate gala ComediHa! next August with your friend Silvi Tourigny. It’s another beautiful project in your life…
Yes. I’m really happy to be able to do this with my friend Silvi whom I adore and with whom I already work, since she is the first part of my show. It’s a great gift that ComediHa! U.S. Silvi and I really have a great bond. We do videos in the dressing rooms before the shows, and I think that gets people talking a bit. This is perhaps what gave the idea to ComediHa! to get together for this gala. For real: if I had been asked who I would like to host this gala with, I would have named Silvi. I want to work with her differently. On tour, we each present our show, but for this project, we will work together, and we will combine our styles of humor and our energies.


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Were you already friends or did you get to know each other better with your shows?
I met her when she started doing my show premieres. Before that, I knew her by reputation, but no more. Between us, it was natural: we quickly became friends. We work well together and bring each other a lot in our friendship, but also in work. We love each other. I like touring because I meet the public, but also because I meet my friend Silvi.

For your gala, do you already have some ideas in mind?
Yes, we already have a guest list which will be of interest to the public. There will be, among others, a French star that I cannot name. I was impressed to know that she was going to be on my gala…

Did she agree because it’s you?
I think that star doesn’t even know me! (laughs) I was lucky: the day she was free was the evening of my gala. It was a happy combination of circumstances. We have a great team of authors. We are a nice gang. I want to get out of my stand-up persona. Silvi and I want to play characters, go elsewhere, explore other styles of humor. The gala is a big party. It’s like our annual office party. There is no competition between us.

And you continue your tour with Classic?
Yes, there are a few shows left on the schedule. I decided to pull the plogue on my tour to concentrate on the radio. Since I’m on the radio in the morning from 4 a.m., I have to get up early. The night tour and the radio in the morning are rather incompatible… I chose the radio. I will be returning for a second year at Énergie in the fall.

Was it a big adjustment for you in terms of your schedule?
Yes, because it’s against my rhythm, but it was the 180 degrees I needed. I am in full fitness. I take more care of myself. The party girl has calmed down a lot… I have no choice! It brings me another rhythm of life that I don’t hate. I’m happy to work, I love my team. Of course, the stage remains my favorite medium. I also intend to return there by offering a fifth show at my 50th birthday. As I’m 46, I still have four years to play radio and have fun before I go on tour again. If I do this fifth show, I will hold a record. I think I will be the first woman in Quebec to have presented five shows. So the goal is: 50 years, a 5th show, I crush my cash and I’m off to Barbados! (laughs)

Talking about it in advance, does it help you to consider this important milestone that is coming?
Yes. From 36, I said I was 40. When I turned 40, I had had them for a long time, so I was already used to my age. I say I’m 50, so I’m getting ready to turn 50.

Your new schedule is probably more compatible with your mom’s schedule, I assume…
It is certain that in the morning, I am not there to bring my daughter to school, but her father is there, and we organize ourselves well. Everything is going well. At least I’m here at night for her.

You said earlier that you take care of yourself. What are you actually doing to get there?
I do a lot of training and boxing. I find it super stimulating. It helps me on several levels. And of course, food is the secret.

Dominic Gouin

What made you want to tighten up your lifestyle the way you do?
I want to be able to keep up the pace. I have a moving life and I have to be able to keep up. I have an active temperament. I have trouble sitting still. Training is not forcing me.

In any case, you are beautiful and you seem to be in great shape!
THANKS! It’s going great and it’s been a long time since it had been so good. Looks like I’m reborn.

So we can deduce that your whole life is going well?
My whole life is fine! I have no complaints! (laughs)

Le BoostMonday to Friday from 5:30 a.m., at Énergie.
Galas ComediHa! de Cathy & Silvi will be presented on August 12 at the Grand Théâtre de Québec.
On his report on the last dates of his Classic show.

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