François Marquis on his experience at Get Me Out of Here! : “I was really scared of the final”

Doctor François Marquis was one of the darlings of viewers at Get me out of here!

Contrary to what many fans predicted, he was not crowned King of the Jungle. He lost by only 28 seconds against Andréanne A. Malette.

The final test, which involved immersing the campers in a pool of freezing water to fetch bricks with the faces of their former comrades on the bottom and placing them in order of elimination, was very trying for the three finalists. The courageous François Marquis is no exception to the rule.

« Honestly, I was really scared of the final “, he confides to us frankly. ” When I saw the big aquarium filled with ice, I said to myself: “ok! This is where my champion we will see what you are capable of.” I had already trained in cold water, I have my national beach lifeguard, but going swimming in water with ice cubes pushes your limits. Your body, it does not want. Just entering the water is like entering a fire, your body says to you: “why do you want to do this?” Then, when you got back in the water, your body says to you: “do you want to get out of there immediately!” It’s a fight every moment, you find it difficult to think correctly so much you are in acute stress. It was really physically very difficult. Already, having completed it, I was very happy. I think I had an excellent time. »

François Marquis and Andréanne A. Malette completed the race in 3 minutes and a bit.

« When we look at Andréanne and I, the two of us, we put together a camera, you didn’t see that, but we put together a GoPro. Both made a brick mistake and had to start over. So we really did the same route, she just did it a little faster than me. There are no “hard feelings” at all. He’s someone I got to know and became a friend, you can’t really blame a friend who “beat” you. […] There’s a limit to what a 47-year-old Fossil’s cardiovascular can do next to a little youth training and surfing. »

He adds jokingly: Let’s just say that was his greatest revenge for not beating me at chess. »

He admits that, of course, he would have liked to win. ” When I came out of the water, the whole production cheered and yes I really considered that I had a chance to win. I was really proud of my time. »

The friendly doctor also clarifies that there were no bad foundations, that each one deserved the check. “ I’m happy for them [le Regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale], they needed that money, it will be useful! »

Remember that François Marquis also told us about an injury he suffered at camp and which caused him the greatest pain of his life. All the details here.

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