François Marquis was bitten by an insect in Sortez-moi d’ici! “I’ve never had so much pain in my life”

The injuries of the campers Get me out of here! were not shown on camera and are not discussed either in the behind-the-scenes show, available now on TVA+ and which will be broadcast on TVA next Sunday.

Marianne St-Gelais recently told us that she was injured twice, once in an accident at camp and the other by an insect bite. Learn more here.

François Marquis tells us that he too was the victim of a bug.

« In Costa Rica, they have a kind of ant called “Bullet ant”, like a bullet, they are called that because it hurts as much to be bitten by these little beasts as to receive a bullet “, he explains to us first.

« I have never had such pain anywhere in my entire life. It’s frightening! Insect bites are rated from 1 to 4 on the pain scale. Red ants, wasp stings, it’s 1 on the scale of 4, big wasps, the “killer bee” that scare everyone, it’s 3. The “Bullet ant”, it’s them others on 4. There’s only one at 4 and it’s them others. It was appalling how it hurt. There are two or three episodes where I look grumpy in my corner, it’s because of that, I suffer without common sense. There is no medicine for this pain. Nothing works. The doctor just said “live with it”. That’s when I almost said, “Get me out of here.” »

« The first 3 or 4 days is hell, but it took 11 days before it stopped hurting. In the final, my arm still hurt, but it was nothing like the days before. »

He nevertheless specifies that in no case, his injury can explain his defeat. ” I was able to make the final otherwise I would have just given up. I wouldn’t have done anything dangerous and they wouldn’t have let me do anything dangerous. It’s Andréanne’s victory, it belongs to her, there’s no excuse, that’s how it is. »

It was also wondered if Dr. Francois Marquis had the professional deformity to help out at camp when someone was injured or felt unwell. Here is his response: It’s not that I wasn’t capable, but that’s something we made very clear from the start in the adventure: I wasn’t the expedition doctor. Because there are extremely important legal implications to that because I don’t have a license to practice in Costa Rica. It is certain that if there had been an emergency I would have assisted the doctors there like a good Samaritan who has a lot of training, but they had very good doctors. Security was present. I never felt we were in danger. »

He also tells us that hunger was a major difficulty encountered in his experience at Get me out of here! « I was hungry as I have rarely been hungry in my life. Which was extremely motivating to win the food challenges. The Oranges, we won all the food challenges. After the ant bites, this is what I found the most difficult. »

He adds : “ There are times when when we knew who was going to do the tests, as the tests were going to give us stars which were going to give us food, we gave more calories to those who were going to do the tests. We wasted nothing. With Jean-Michel, we had developed techniques for preserving oatmeal. We made pancakes, cookies, so when people, in the middle of the afternoon, came back from the races and were hungry, there was always a little something to nibble on. It wasn’t very good, it wasn’t much, but there was something. »

Remember that the special behind-the-scenes episode, in which you can learn more about the quantities of food allocated to campers daily, will be broadcast on TVA next Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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