Get me out of here! | The delightful rebirth of Nathalie Simard

The revelation of the first season of Get me out of here! at TVA was not the stupid and voiceless judge Consuela, but the singer Nathalie Simard, who was charming and sparkling in the middle of the lush jungle of Costa Rica.

In the last three months, we have reconnected with the 53-year-old singer in a warm new light, that of a comical, endearing and determined woman. His distinctive crystalline laugh really brightened up our Sunday evenings.

Vulnerable and more fragile in the first episodes, Nathalie Simard rolled up the sleeves of her safari sweater and attacked each of the challenges with a huge smile, even if she had to dive into a tank of icy water, eat disgusting food ( a far cry from little Laura Secord puddings) and playing aerial basketball over a ravine.

The interpreter of Turn the page was eliminated quickly, in the fourth episode, but the withdrawal of a mystery player who had to join the camp along the way allowed him to return to the game and progress to the final. The production never identified the camper who experienced health problems and who gave up his rustic bed to Nathalie Simard.


Nathalie Simard

Regardless, the singer had fun Get me out of here! and it seemed. She fully deserves this media renaissance, which finally shows her happy and fulfilled.

Because the last few years have been trying for Nathalie Simard. There was the Guy Cloutier affair, of course, the setbacks of his foundation, then a series of bad business decisions, which tarnished his public image and eroded his love rating.

Strange exile in the Dominican Republic, clothing store in Drummondville, shows in a sugar shack in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, acquisition of a flea market in Wickham, her fans had difficulty following her in each of its new incarnations.

Nathalie Simard did not win Get me out of here!, but it’s like. Her time with the Slimy Snakes and Exotic Bugs brought her back into people’s hearts.

After a polar-type scuba diving event, singer-songwriter Andréanne A. Malette was crowned queen of the jungle on Sunday evening, in front of the good Dr François Marquis of the docureality On call 24/7. Nathalie Simard finished third under the watchful eyes of 1,254,000 viewers.

The choice of the ten competitors of Get me out of here! was clever and allowed us to discover, among others, the chef Jean-Michel Leblond, the actress Livia Martin and the dancer Rahmane Belkebiche. To be reviewed for the second season: certain useless challenges, such as evaluating Alexandre Barrette’s running speed or measuring a vine by eye. It’s boring. For the rest, it remains quality family entertainment.

AT Survivor Quebec Sunday evening, in the company of 716,000 addicts, yes, I often crowned. A first time when civil servant Justine, 25, voted to eliminate Sango by telling the camera that she was now part of the majority alliance of JJ and Christophe. What embarrassing naivety.


Patrice Bélanger, host of Survivor Quebec

The second time seeing mute podiatrist Kimberly, 25, also write Sango’s name on her parchment paper, as he pulled out his precious immunity to save her last week. What a waste.

Justine’s pivotal vote sent 28-year-old Sango to the Island of Redemption where I hope he will triumph to reappear in the tribe of Pag-Asa and break JJ’s cursed sword.

And what’s going on with acrobat Christophe, a 40-year-old blue-collar worker? His arrogant reaction to the last tribal council was grossly exaggerated. Shaking his head, he could almost be heard telling the rebels that he was going to get revenge and that there would be serious consequences for this act of betrayal.

These quasi-sectarian behaviors of JJ and Chris, the pair who control Survivor, are disturbing. And the smug tone with which JJ addressed Sandrine, as if she were the worst sinner, was not glorious either.

“My alliance”, the “infidels”, it looks like JJ has learned his guru 101 lesson well.

A big thank you to you!


Gaston, our columnist’s little pug

In 25 years at The Press, I have never received so many messages (I stopped counting at 1000) than after the publication of my column on Monday about the death of my beloved dog Gaston. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your poignant testimonials, your practical tips for going through animal bereavement and your emails filled with sweetness.

Thank you also for all these photos of your cute doggies that warmed my heart. These hairy little beasts take up a lot of space in our daily lives and it’s normal for them to dig a huge hole when they leave us.

Fortunately, this void is slowly filling with wonderful memories, which remind us how much we love them, our animals, and that we attach to them as strongly as they attach to us!

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