Mélanie Maynard and Julie Bélanger bury the hatchet in a frank discussion

Julie Bélanger will host Mélanie Maynard in her documentary series, giving the right to a discussion where the two hosts put the past behind them and make peace.

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For those who are not familiar with the story, it should be remembered that the two women co-hosted two girls in the morning between 2005 and 2008. A quarrel between the two had eventually caused Julie to leave the show. Now, after 15 years without speaking to each other, they are ready to bury the hatchet.

Indeed, water has flowed under the bridges, and the duo will engage in a frank and mature discussion as part of Julie Bélanger’s documentary series, imperfectwhere she addresses in each episode the hardships she has faced, while receiving public figures and specialists to talk about them.

An excerpt from their meeting was shared on the platform’s social networks TRUEand we witness a lot of vulnerability on the part of the two Quebec personalities.

With the candor for which we are known, Mélanie Maynard breaks the ice by fully assuming the ambient malaise, stating that she does not feel in control and that “even [le divan de Julie Bélanger, chez qui se déroule l’entrevue]does not want her.

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“I was told things that you experienced, that I didn’t know. I didn’t experience it the same way. Of course it came looking for me, it brought up business, an image of me that I didn’t like. You had a lot more pain than me. I hurt you because I did not have the sensitivity, at the time, to understand what you were going through”, admits the new host of Sweety salty to his former co-host.

She continues, with frankness: “With hindsight, I would have liked so much to have the sensitivity to go and do: ”Hey Julie, come on, let’s sit down and we’ll stop hating each other. How come we started hating each other the same way?

For her part, Julie Bélanger conceded that her months of work with Mélanie had allowed her to undo her “armor” and her tendency to want to be perfect, which, in the end, will have been beneficial to her.

See the full excerpt in our video at the top of the article, a touching moment of humility for which we tip our hats to them!

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In addition to Mélanie Maynard, Julie Bélanger will also meet other Quebec stars, such asIngrid Falaise, Jose Gaudet, Maripier Morin et many others.

imperfect will be available on the platform TRUE from May 23.

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